Join the urban revolution

A surge of creativity has been unleashed and now nothing can stand It its way. An irrepressible burst of sublime colour, neat figures and Attractive patterns brightens your saddle, bespeaking your joyfullness And resolve. A seductively modern collection which anticipates your Desires, specially devised to express your unique personality with all Its different facets. Net gives your bike a distinctively personal touch Which captures the very essence of your freedom-loving soul. Now the Sky is the limit.


Net is the saddle designed for anyone who wants to totally express themselves with no limits to their imagination; for people who know there’s nothing more personal than getting out on their own bike.That's what Net is: the saddle that follows the only real creative rule – yours.


This is the real aesthetic challenge of Net – to turn the saddle into a young, colourful one-off item with a modern, eye-catching style. A fresh, up-to-the-minute design that takes in the latest trends among guys and girls, delving in with both hands to the widest multi-hued spectrum of creative inspiration.


Although the Net is pure creative revolution, it's also a highly effective mix of technology solutions that make this a truly original saddle: the grid design ensures outstanding levels of ventilation, breathability and comfort; the polypropylene structure ensures extreme lightness and the slot-together assembly greatly reduces the environmental impact of its production process. 100% Made in Italy.

Technical features


Its perforated structure means it is fully breathable and keeps the saddle at a controlled temperature.


Personalise your NET saddle with bright colours, different textures or photos. We will make it to match for for you.


The structure in polypropylene and mesh make the NET totally water resistant


The NET cover is 50% stronger than any vacuum gel saddle against puncture, impacts or rupture damages.